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Competency Plant & Machinery Tickets

Construction Training Group is accredited to train, assess and issue Plant Operator Qualification Cards for Non-Load Shifting and Load-Shifting Plant/Equipment. Our assessors can come to you throughout Victoria and assess various plant items using a comprehensive process to ensure that operators have the appropriate skills to obtain their qualification via training and assessment. The assessment process takes approximately 2 hours enabling the issue of Plant Operator Card as a record of skills obtained.

Construction Training Group now offers an in house course for machine & machinery tickets. Our assessors train and assess you in various plant items using a comprehensive process to ensure that you as an operator have the appropriate skills to obtain your qualification via training and assessment.

Plant Operator Qualification Cards that can be issued:

  • Front End Loader/Backhoe (available onsite)
  • Front End Loader (available onsite)
  • Front End Loader (Skidsteer Type)(available onsite)
  • Excavator (available onsite)
  • Dozer (Track and/or Wheel)
  • Vehicle Loading Crane
  • Asphalt Paver
  • Materials Spreader Paver
  • Paver Safety
  • Directional Boring Rig
  • Compactor
  • Face Shovel
  • Haul Truck
  • Grader
  • Scraper
  • Roller (available onsite)
  • Mini Loader
  • Profile Planners
  • Repair Maintenance
  • Ride on Mower
  • Stabilister
  • Telescopic Materials Handler
  • Transporter Safety
  • Trencher Safety
  • Tip Truck
  • Tip Truck & Trailer
  • Watercart
  • Wheel Tractor Safety
  • Elevating Work Platform
  • Knuckle Boom Lift
  • Vertical Lifts
  • Trailer Lifts

Training + Assessment Pricing at our premises:

Beginner: 1 Day Course $500

Skidsteer (Bobcat)
Beginner: 2 Day Course $500

Beginner: 2 Day Course $500

Beginner: 2 Day Course $500

Wheeled Front End Loader
Beginner: 2 Day Course $500

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