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TC2 – Traffic Control Advanced

RIISS00059 – Traffic Controller Skill Set for High Volume Roads (TC Advanced)

TC2 Advanced Traffic Control Course in Melbourne builds on your skills to handle handle traffic control on busier roads (Category 2). In acknowledgement of the dangerous nature of controlling traffic VicRoads requires all field personnel designated as a Traffic Controller to have completed the RIIWHS205E unit, and to undertake a refresher course every three years.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to safely manage traffic flow on high-volume roads.


  • Advance your career in traffic control.
  • Gain valuable experience for higher qualifications.

Who is this for?

  • Traffic controllers who have already completed the basic course (RIISS00058).
  • Construction workers who need advanced traffic control skills.
  • Anyone interested in working on busier roads.

What you need to start:

  • Completion of the basic traffic controller course (RIISS00058).
  • At least 40 hours of experience as a traffic controller.
  • A basic safety certificate (CPCCWHS1001 or equivalent).
  • At least 20 hours of practical experience on Category 2 roads (after taking the course).

Note: Licensing and regulations may vary by region. Check with your local authorities for details.

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Individuals seeking work as a traffic controller are strongly encouraged to complete White Card, Traffic Control and Traffic Management. Majority of traffic control companies require you to hold these 3 tickets prior to obtaining any employment as a traffic controller.

Total 1 day

  • 1 Day for RIISS00059 - Traffic Controller Skill Set for High Volume Roads (TC Advanced)

  • Completion of the RIISS00058 Traffic Controller Skill Set for Urban Streets and Low Volume Rural Roads (TC Essentials); and
  • at least 40 hours of experience working in a temporary traffic management workplace in a traffic controller role.
  • Note: the 20 hours of experience required to gain TC Essentials sign-off is credited against the 40 hours experience requirement.  You only need an additional 20 hours after TC Essentials sign-off before you can enrol for TC Advanced.

Participants must be able to converse and comprehend basic English. Participants will complete language, numeracy and literacy assessments on course commencement to assess their capacity to meet language requirements.

Applicants must also have the physical capacity to meet the requirements of the unit (i.e. carry and handle the stop-slow bats and signages as required.).

It is highly recommended that you also complete TC Advanced, TMI Essentials and either TMI Advanced (High volume) or TMI Advanced (Freeways) to gain the required traffic management plan implementation skills to obtain work in the Traffic Control industry.

  • 20 Hours jobsite placement performing traffic control duties with provided log book on the road type pertaining to a Traffic Management Category 2 environment.
  • Final assessment on a live job site within a 25km radius of CTG after 20 hours has been completed 
  • Note: 20 Hours job site experience and sign off must be completed within 6 months of course.

    • $505 Including final sign off

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Traffic Controller Skill Set for High Volume Roads 14 June 2024, 07:30 am - 04:30 pm 12 Kingsley Cl Rowville 20 vacancies $505.00

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