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EWPA Yellow Card – Boom Lift/Scissor Lift/Vertical Lift

Also known as – Elevating/Elevated Work Platform Ticket – Scissor Lift Ticket – Boom Lift Ticket – Vertical Lift Ticket

Construction Training Group are a leading provider of EWPA Yellow Card training and assessment courses to both business and individuals. The length of our licensing courses vary, and are tailored to differing knowledge and experience levels of students. Our EWPA Yellow Card course in Melbourne can be provided at Construction Training Group facilities in Rowville or alternatively at your work site. Group bookings are available.

– Hazard identification, risk assessment and controls

– Fall arrest harness inspection, fitting and use

– Identify safe operating parameters using data plate and manual

– Conduct pre and post operational checks

– Operation of EWP (elevating work platform)

– Emergency procedures

– Theory assessment and practical observation and demonstration

The one day EWP course in Melbourne is designed for people who wish to or are required to develop the skills and knowledge needed to operate on an elevated work platform such as a boom lift, scissor lift, and vertical lift.

$290 per person for combined <11m Boom, Scissor lift & Vertical lifts (Incl. GST)


If you are deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’, you will have the option to sit a re-assessment within 60 days from the first assessment. There is a re-assessment fee of $150.00, and only one re-assessment is permitted. So we highly recommend that you study your learning material at least 3 weeks prior to the assessment.

Industry and Entry Requirements:

Applicants should be at least 16 years of age and have a good understanding of written and spoken English, for a restricted elevating work platform, EWP licence. For a full EWP ticket you must be 18 and over.


Upon successful completion of our EWP course in Melbourne, your record of training is processed by the EWPA and you will receive an EWP Operator Licence with the proof of training and your photograph on the card.

An interim record of training from the EWPA will be emailed to you on the day of training and this can be used when operating machinery until you receive the yellow card. The EWP Operator Licence Yellow card will be processed and posted to your home address. Please let the EWPA know if you have not received your card within 60 days of training. After 60 days you will have to pay $30 for the card to be reissued, but if you let EWPA know within that time frame, they can reissue it free of charge.Afterpay Train Now Pay Later logo


What is an EWPA yellow card?

EWPA stands for Elevated Work Platform Association, a professional organization in Australia that is dedicated to ensuring the safe use of powered access equipment. Their "Yellow Card" is a type of certification that indicates the holder has completed training and is competent to operate certain types of machinery.

How Do I get Boom lift certified?

Easy! Take this course.

Can I operate all elevated work machinery with my EWPA yellow card?

The Yellow Card covers training for the following types of EWP:


  • Vertical lift
  • Scissor lift
  • Self-propelled boom lift
  • Trailer-mounted boom lift
  • Truck-mounted boom lift


You will be certified on each type of EWP separately, so your Yellow Card will indicate which types of EWPs you're qualified to operate.


Do you need a license to operate a boom lift?

 Generally you do not need a High Risk Work Licence to operate a vertical lift, these are typically smaller lifts that only move vertically and are often used for tasks like changing lights or accessing high shelves.

The Yellow Card training program covers vertical lifts, among other types of equipment. Successful completion of this program provides a Yellow Card, which serves as evidence of training.


Why Do You Need an EWPA Yellow Card?

For scissor lift, vertical lift, and boom lift operations, having an EWPA Yellow Card from a registered operator is not only recommended – it’s vital. Not only does it provide industry assurance that the machinery is being operated safely and professionally, but without a valid EWPA Yellow Card, the operator may face consequences if an incident occurs.

How Important is Scissor Lift Training?

When it comes to scissor and boom lifts, safety should always be a top priority. A scissor lift is a type of vertical lift that has scissor-like arms with platforms on the end that allow workers to reach elevated work sites. Unfortunately, scissor lifts can be dangerous if not properly operated, which means scissor lift training is essential

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