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Asbestos Non Friable (Initial Course)

CPCCDE3014 Remove non-friable asbestos

Over the last two decades and due to high profile individual cases and media coverage, there is a heightened awareness of the health impact of asbestos exposure. Such exposure can cause a range of debilitating medical conditions, some of which are life threatening or associated with a marked reduction in life expectancy. Persons carrying out asbestos removal work are expected to have knowledge of how to perform asbestos removal safely on a range of sites and knowledge of relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
Site location for work may be either domestic or commercial, and may be a demolition site, a new work site or an existing structure being renovated, extended, restored or maintained. Apart from construction sites, sites may also include ships, farms and mines (soils) and fences.

Construction Training Group offers three nationally recognised units of competency which will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills required for safe and effective asbestos removal. Units can be completed stand alone or in combination.

Prior to commencement, applicants must demonstrate satisfactory completion of one of the following:

CPCCOHS1001A - Work safely in the construction industry


CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry


CPCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

Participants will also need to pass a language, literacy and numeracy assessment to assess their capacity to meet unit requirements.

All courses are facilitated by a member of our highly experienced training team in Melbourne, and include trainer presentations and practical activities – so your participation will be required! Assessment activities for each course include a knowledge test and satisfactory completion of practical skills in a simulated environment. Further details of assessment will be provided on course commencement.CPCCDE3014 Remove non-friable asbestos

  • Prepare, contain and remove non-friable asbestos containing material
  • Knowledge of decontamination and disposal requirements

1 day course

$380.00 (GST Free)

*Surcharge will apply on private bookings during weekends


Off-Site Capabilities
This course can also be run off-site, on request of the customer. Minimum numbers of 8 apply. Please contact one of our friendly staff should this be of interest.

Pre learning may be required.

How long does an asbestos awareness course take?

Construction Training Group run 2 types of asbestos courses. Friable asbestos and Non Friable Asbestos.

How much is an asbestos awareness course?

Construction Training Group run 2 types of asbestos courses. Friable asbestos is $540 per person and Non Friable Asbestos is $380 per person.

What is non friable asbestos course?

Non friable asbestos is a course CTG run that covers associated health impacts, demolition, planning for abestos removal, preparing and isolating removal site and so much more!

Why Take Our Non Friable Asbestos Removal Course?

CTG’s non friable asbestos removal course in Melbourne is for those seeking to become trained and qualified in the effective, safe and professional removal of non friable asbestos. Our non friable asbestos courses and refreshers are offered as one nationally recognised unit of competency. These units taught by our highly experienced instructors can be completed both in combination or standalone, and provide not only essential knowledge and skills but also better employment prospects and career advancement.

Asbestos has dominated the media over the last two decades due to its life-threatening health implications. Due to the serious nature and the risks involved, those who undertake asbestos removal must know how to do so properly and safely and are required to be knowledgeable of all relevant regulations, legislation, and codes of practice. Asbestos removal professionals work across a variety of site locations, which may be domestic or commercial, or may even be a demolition site, a completely new work site or an existing building undergoing renovations, restorations or maintenance. And this vital line of work isn’t just required at construction and building sites – professional asbestos removal workers also find themselves on ships, farms, and mines.

Why Train With CTG?

CTG is a reputable and well-established Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with almost two decades of experience in providing exemplary training and assessment to the construction industry. Fully compliant with government RTO standards, we are proud to offer superior quality and efficient training that covers a wealth of professional fields. From regular courses in safety, machinery, earth and road works, to building and councils training, we offer a variety of education to suit employers and employees of all skill and experience levels within the construction industry.

What makes our company and training truly stand out from the rest is more than just regular courses, value for money and affordability. Every single student who undertakes their next professional leap with us is choosing top-quality education that is expertly delivered by highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Combine this with the exceptional customer service that our superb staff goes above and beyond to provide, and our company’s outstanding reputation speaks for itself.

Need More Information About Our Non Friable Asbestos Removal Course?

If you or your staff are seeking to earn a nationally recognised qualification in non friable asbestos removal and gain the vital knowledge and skills required to undertake this extremely important line of work, then this in-depth course taught by our highly experienced trainers is for you. Construction Training Group also offers more courses to help you get the certification you need to require as part of your work such as an electrical safety awareness courseboom lift courseconfined space courseexcavator course & more. Simply book online or get in touch with our friendly team who’ll be happy to answer your questions and reserve your spot.

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