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Marine (Boat) Licence & PWC (Jet Ski)

Over 16 years of age, are based in Melbourne, and want a Marine Boat and PWC Licence?

Over 12 years of age and want a Marine Boat Licence?

Or if you’re wanting both Boat and Jetski, However you are only 15, you can sit both but only submit the Boat part of the certificate to VicRoads, then submit your PWC endorsement when you’re 16!

On completion of our Marine Boat & PWC Course in Melbourne you should have the necessary skills and knowledge to competently and safely operate a small vessel in sheltered waters. Construction Training Group will teach you all the rules and regulations you require …… then it’s time to sit your assessment! Once you successfully complete your boat safety course assessment, you will receive a certificate that is recognised by VicRoads who will issue your licence.


There are no formal prerequisites for the Melbourne-based boat training courses, however participants must be able to converse and comprehend basic English and have the physical capacity to meet the manual handling requirements of the course units.

– Trip preparation and planning
– Safely operate a small mechanically powered vessel
– Respond to boating emergencies and incidents
– Personal Water Craft

The workshop in Melbourne is conducted over 4 hours and dates are run frequently.

All participants must bring a photo licence or multiple evidence of identity.

Photo Licence: A photo licence means any Australian photo driver licence or photo learner permit which is current or expired by no more of 2 years.

Multiple Evidence of Identity: For transactions where multiple evidence of identity is required, it is necessary to provide:

– A primary evidence document (high quality evidence of who the applicant is)
– A secondary evidence document (to confirm the current use of the applicant’s name in the community),
– Evidence of change of name (where it differs between primary and secondary evidence documents)

Primary Evidence Documents:

– Australian Passport
– An overseas passport
– Australian birth certificate or change of name certificate issued by Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Birth extracts and Commemorative birth certificates are not accepted
– Change of name certificate issued by Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages
– A document of identity issued by the Passport Office (usually issued to travellers to Norfolk Island)
– Document of identity issued by the Australian Passport Office
– Australian police force officer or Australian Defence Force photo identity card (excluding civilian staff)
– Consular photo identity card issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
– Australian naturalization or citizenship document issued by the Department of Immigration
– Immigration papers (eg. Visa) issued by the Department of Immigration
– NSW Photo Card (issued by NSW RTA after 14th December 2005)

OR; One of these documents that is current or expired by no more than two years:

– Australian defence force photo licence; or
– Victorian firearm photo licence

AND; Secondary Evidence Documents
In addition to one of the above primary evidence documents the applicant must provide one secondary evidence document from the list below:

– Medicare Card
– Pensioner Concession card
– Department of Veterans Affairs Card
– Current entitlement card issued by the Commonwealth
– Student ID Card
– Credit Card or account card from a bank, building society or credit union
– State or federal government employee photo ID card

OR; One of these documents that is current and no more than one year old:

– Passport or bank account statement
– Telephone, gas or electricity bill

OR; One of these documents that is current or no more than two years old:

– Electoral enrolment card
– Armed services discharge papers
– Current Proof of Age card issued by Consumer Affairs Victoria
– Current Victorian Driving Authority Photo ID Card


At least one document must provide evidence of current address. If it does not, then a referee statement must be filled out, which can be supplied on the night but must be signed by someone who has known you for at least 12 years and has an Australian Drivers Licence.

Assessment Requirements:

At the conclusion of the class you're enrolled in, an evaluation will be conducted.

Marine Licence (Boat):

For the Marine Licence, there are 30 multiple-choice questions, and achieving a satisfactory result requires correctly answering 26 out of the 30 questions.

PWC - Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski):

For the PWC License, there are 15 multiple-choice questions, and to meet a satisfactory result requires correctly answering 13 out of the 15 questions.

Note: If you are completing both the Marine and PWC on the same session, you will need to successfully complete both assessments.


In the event that a student does not meet the satisfactory criteria during their initial assessment attempt, they will have the opportunity for a second attempt using a different test paper on the same session. If the second attempt also falls short of the satisfactory standard, the student will be required to return on a different session and complete the entire course again. There will be no additional fee for this retake.

Satisfactory Completion:

Upon achieving a successful outcome, students will receive a Safe Transport approved Certificate of Attainment, which remains valid for 12 months. Within this 12-month period, the student must visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre with the correct identification listed above. At this point, a licence fee will need to be paid directly to VicRoads. Please refer to the VicRoads website for the most up-to-date information regarding licence fees.

Please be aware that the 12-month expiration period is non-extendable. It must be adhered to strictly, meaning you must visit VicRoads within the initial 12 months. If the deadline is exceeded by even a single day (12 months and 1 day), the entire course will need to be retaken.

There’s no need to delay any longer – book your spot in the marine boat, Jetski & PWC licence courses online with Construction Training Group in Melbourne, or call (03) 7018 5770 for more information.

ABN: 37 106 951 900

Boat & PWC: $150 per person (Incl. GST)

Boat Only: $130 per person (Incl. GST)

PWC Only: $120 per person (Incl. GST)


Do you need a PWC license to Drive a boat or Jetski?

To operate a Personal Water Craft (PWC) commonly known as a Jetski, you must hold a marine licence with a PWC endorsement. You can complete this now by booking into the Construction Training Groups boat course.

How long do I have to renew my PWC license?

Personal Water Craft licence are only issued for five years. Licences issued for a 5-year Period may be renewed for five years with each renewal cycle.

what is a PWC license?

A Personal Water Craft licence is what you must hold in order to operate a: jetski, jet powered surfboards, anything lying down, standing up, kneeling etc.

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