How to Get a White Card with Ease

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Considering a career in construction within Victoria and wondering how to get a White Card? This essential step is crucial for anyone stepping onto a construction site. Brief Overview of White Card A White Card is your ticket to working in construction, serving as proof that you’ve mastered the basics of onsite safety. It’s required for all – from new workers to seasoned supervisors. Importance of White Card in Construction Industry Beyond a requirement, the White Card is a commitment to safety and professionalism, standardising knowledge across all levels and ensuring a safer work environment for everyone. What is a

A Guide to Construction Tickets 

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Understanding construction tickets is crucial, whether you're just starting out or looking to upskill in the construction industry. These tickets prove that you've got the right training and know-how to work safely and efficiently.  At Construction Training Group, we’ve been helping people get these essential certifications for over 20 years. The process is straightforward because the government, through bodies like WorkSafe Victoria, has clear rules on what training is needed for different jobs.  So, if you want to make sure you’re up to industry standards and ready to take on any construction challenge, you’re in the right place! Importance and


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This summer, CTG is joining water safety organisations across Victoria to help promote Transport Safety Victoria’s (TSV) ‘Prepare to survive – Know the five’ campaign.