With growing infrastructure, the requirement for trained workforce in the construction industry is increasing rapidly. According to 2016 government statistics, there are 275,000 employees in the construction industry in Victoria alone.

If you are considering getting your hands dirty in this strong industry, then the Construction Induction training, also known as white card and red card training is the first document to get hold of. It is a mandatory legal requirement for all persons involved in the construction industry.

Single day training.

Work on urban and construction projects has been on the rise and so is the demand for the trained staff. The training is a simple one-day affair, which makes you work ready immediately.

Booming Construction industry offers job opportunities.

As per the 2016 update from the construction industry, since the Reserve Bank has cut interest rates to a record low of 1.75 per cent, the Australian Industry Group’s Performance of Construction Index (PCI) jumped 6.5 points to 53.2. The result above 50 indicates that construction activity was once again expanding, and at the fastest pace in 10 months.

Residential constructions lead the way followed by apartment activities and commercial constructions. So considering a change in career or something to take up part time is a good option.

Get trained from experts.

The process of obtaining the white and red card is quite easy and requires few prerequisites. Also, the workshop is facilitated by a member of the highly experienced training team. This helps the individual get the grasp of the training and stay motivated at the same time.