With increasing traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, the role of traffic control officer has become that more critical. The demand for the rightly skilled and trained traffic management staff has also been on a steady rise.

The slow-stop bat is one of the very essential tool used in traffic management today and this is where the refreshed traffic control training comes in play. A great skill to have, this training and experience stays in demand in the market.

Hassle free for Events.

If you have taken notice, the entire calendar year is sprinkled with big and small events, celebrations, festivals and parades in your neighbourhood or suburb. While the public looks forward to attending these gatherings, it asks for a lot of work and responsibility from the traffic controllers.

The number of traffic controllers varies depending on the size of the gathering expected. While at a school crossing, there is usually one to two traffic controllers, at big sporting events or celebrations, the demand for such skill goes very high. With a decent pay on an hourly basis, acquiring this skill is great for anyone deemed fit for it.

Work in progress sites.

Be it road repair or construction, work on a train/tram line, building new infrastructure or cleaning up if public space in progress, there is always some work going around you. From the construction of new shopping malls or knocking down of an old office building to suede residential apartments, there is never a shortage of work for people with traffic control skills.

With growing population and advancing infrastructural needs, there is always work ongoing or soon to commence. It is interesting to note, how despite changing tools and technology, there has been no replacement for human traffic controllers.